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Tax Attorney Phoenix Services

Do you need a tax attorney Phoenix? Is there any way that you can get help without violating the attorney-client privilege? Are you concerned that your phone is being tapped to spy on your financial affairs? Does anyone suspect that you may be using your credit card for shopping online or buying gifts and items not approved by your tax planning lawyer? Is your accountant constantly calling to ask what kinds of deductions you qualified for last year?

Tax Attorney Phoenix

When you are troubled by tax debt, you have the right to expect your tax attorney Phoenix to be forthcoming with answers. He or she will do everything in his or her power to ensure that your rights are protected. In order to protect your rights, you will need to know how to make your tax debt work to your advantage. You cannot expect the Internal Revenue Service to just give you the standard Answer: We will consider.

The IRS cannot legally tell you what you can and cannot deduct. They can tell you what kinds of deductions you can choose to make, though. Your attorney-client privilege protects the communications between you and your tax preparer, accountant, or tax attorney. However, they cannot advise you how to circumvent any of the legal limitations on the deductions that are available to you. If you want to reduce your tax debt, you will have to find your own deductions that meet your income and other requirements.

The Internal Revenue Service is only allowed to disclose certain tax information to tax attorneys and accountants who are licensed within the United States. Unless you work in the tax office for the Internal Revenue Service, you cannot discuss your tax debt with any tax attorney Phoenix. They cannot advise you on how to evade the taxes that you owe. They cannot even offer suggestions as to how you can lower your tax debt.

As a private individual, you do not have the same privileges that IRS employees have. Even if they are working in an administrative capacity, they cannot discuss your taxes with you. You will not be able to ask your tax attorney Phoenix to arrange for a charitable contribution to help you reduce your tax debt. In order to keep your attorney-client privilege, it is crucial that you take all of your taxes seriously and understand your options. If you ever become uncertain as to how to handle a tax problem, seek professional legal advice Phoenix.

When you choose the services of a tax attorney Phoenix, you should make sure that you are comfortable with them. They should have a good reputation for consistently winning cases for their clients. Their fee will depend upon the amount of taxes that you owe and any circumstances that come up during the course of your case. It is very important that you deal with a tax attorney Phoenix that has the time and experience to represent you so that you do not have to worry about dealing with the tax debt alone. You may be able to successfully settle your tax debt on your own, but doing so can be a complex process.

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