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Choosing a Tennis Court Resurfacing Company

The surfaces of both asphalt and concrete tennis courts require regular resurfacing to prevent cracking, pitting, and general wear. Choosing the right resurfacing company is essential. A good company will have a proven track record of installing and repairing best tennis court resurfacing company surfaces and have a knowledgeable staff. They should also offer a free estimate and guarantee their work.

A tennis court resurfacing contractor will clean and prepare the surface of your tennis court before applying the new surface. This includes sanding the existing surface, repairing any cracks, and filling in depressions. This preparation will increase the lifespan of your new surface. It will also prevent damage to the subbase underneath.

Once the surface has been cleaned and repaired, the contractor will apply a tack coat of acrylic to ensure good adhesion. They will then apply a layer of hot plant mix asphalt over the existing surface. Once this has been applied, the contractor will then add a layer of rubber-added acrylic to give the court a soft feel. This will also minimize the number of achy joints after playing tennis.

Adding a cushioning system will make your tennis court more comfortable for older players, and it will help improve the bounce quality of the ball. This layer is typically added after the repair process is complete, but before the final surface coating. A variety of different systems are available, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Over time, the colors of your tennis court can fade from sunlight and weather. Resurfacing the surface will repaint your court, enhancing its appearance and making it easier to see the lines while playing.

The cost of resurfacing your tennis court depends on the type of material you choose, the extent of repairs needed, and the region where you live. It can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands. To get a more accurate estimate, request quotes from multiple companies and compare what is included in each. You should also consider the costs of any accessories that you need to replace, such as nets and fences.

Before resurfacing your court, it is important to repair any damages and to check that the foundation is sound. It is also a good idea to clean the surface regularly with a mild detergent and sweep the debris off the court before resurfacing. This will avoid mildew and mold and prevent the resurfacing materials from damaging the base.

You should also consider getting a tennis court insurance policy to protect your investment in the court. This can cover the cost of resurfacing and repairs, including any labor costs for professional installation. Some policies even include coverage for other court surfaces like volleyball and basketball. It is worth contacting your homeowner’s insurance agent to find out what the specific coverage options are for tennis courts. The cost of the policy will vary depending on your insurer and the amount of coverage you need.

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