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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Colorado Springs Tips

wood floor refinishing Colorado Springs

Refinishing wood floors is not a simple job for a do-it-yourselfer. The type of wood, the amount of work involved, and the time involved to make refinishing hardwood floors a costly endeavor. If you are going to do it on your own, be sure that you understand how to do the job properly before you start. Refinishing your hardwood flooring can make your home more attractive but it is also very labor intensive and costly. That’s why most homeowners opt to hire someone else to do the wood floor refinishing for them. Even though you may have hardwood floors, you may still want to do it yourself so that you can save money.

The first step in wood floor refinishing Colorado springs is to remove all of the old flooring, including carpets, rugs, and mats. All of these items can be removed fairly easily in one fell swoop using a wet/dry vacuum. Of course, you will also need to sweep and mop the floor. Once this is done you can start to remove the old wooden flooring itself. Most of the wood will come off fairly easily, especially with a wet/dry vacuum.

Once the wood is removed, you will need to clean it thoroughly by using a strong, water-based disinfectant and a good, strong cleanser. While cleaning it, you should also wear protective gloves and old clothes, as some of the wood can be quite flaky. When it is cleaned, you may want to give the hardwood floor refinishing Colorado springs a light coat of stain or polyurethane if you want the floor to have a more even finish. When the stain dries you will have a beautiful looking floor.

In order to ensure that the wood floor refinishing Colorado springs are solid, you should leave them to dry overnight. Some people like to sand the floors down before applying the stain. Be sure that there are no hidden crevices that you cannot reach when you are sanding down the boards. Sanding the hardwood floors in Colorado Springs can also help to make the flooring more durable and resistant to damage from heavy traffic and foot traffic. This is important for those who like to entertain on their floors.

If you have opted for a solid wood flooring install in Colorado Springs, you will want to seal the wood. The best sealants will be ones that are water based, as they will prevent water seeping into the wood and causing it to expand, which weakens it over time. Water based sealants also prevent the wood flooring from shrinking when it is wet, which can happen during high traffic times. Choosing a good sealant is a critical step in protecting your hardwood flooring from the elements.

When you decide that hardwood floor refinishing is the right project for you, it is important that you choose a professional installer and get things done right. They will be able to advise you on all of the steps and details, as well as help you determine if this project is something you would be interested in doing yourself. You may find that the project is so much fun that you decide to take on the project on your own time. Remember that refinishing your floors in Colorado Springs is not a quick process, but one that is sure to be worthwhile when you are finished.

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