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EV Car Reviews – Find the Best Value EVs in the Current Lineup

With more EV models than ever before on the market, prospective car buyers can fine-tune their selection to match their specific driving needs and budget. From basic transportation for zero-emissions commuting to high-end technology showcases ideal for road trips, there is an electric vehicle that fits just about every lifestyle.

In addition to a wide range of available cruising ranges, battery power and prices, the latest electric cars also offer cutting-edge safety and driver-assistance systems. Some even provide semi-autonomous capabilities. These features are helping EVs gain wider acceptance as the best alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles.

The newest pure-electric models haven’t all been created equal, though. Some offer far better value than others. For example, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV from Tesla have the broadest appeal, plus their base-battery versions fully qualify for federal EV tax credits. Both are able to do a week of city commutes on a single charge and more than handle a lengthy road trip with minimal stops for charging.

Other EVs, like the new Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf, also offer impressive value for those looking to save money on fuel and maintenance costs while doing their part to reduce tailpipe emissions. Plus, they have the benefit of offering a more comfortable ride than their gas-powered counterparts thanks to their lightweight and stiffer constructions.

And then there are a few EVs that may seem to be overpriced, such as the BMW i8 or Mercedes-Benz EQC. They are the fastest and longest-legged EVs on sale, but they come with a premium price tag that’s hard to justify.

To help you decide whether an electric car is right for you, we’ve collected the most relevant EV car reviews and put them in one place. These handy side-by-side comparisons make it easy to compare the best EVs in the current lineup. This chart includes important details such as cruising range, performance and efficiency, and it’s regularly updated to include the latest models.

The biggest consideration is your reason for wanting to go electric. Do you want to save money on fuel and maintenance costs, avoid the hassles of finding and using public charging stations, or do your part by reducing environmental pollution? The answers to these questions will determine if an EV is the best choice for you.

EVs have an undeniable advantage over conventional vehicles: They emit zero tailpipe pollution. This helps improve air quality and prevents tens of thousands of premature deaths in the United States each year. Unfortunately, some people are still skeptical about switching to an EV because of the initial upfront cost and the lack of availability of public charging stations.

But there are now a growing number of EV options that are priced well below their comparable gasoline counterparts, making them more financially attractive than ever. And if you take into account incentives, savings on fuel and maintenance costs, and the fact that EVs generally require less repairs than their ICE counterparts, going electric may be the smartest move for your transportation needs.

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