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Choosing a Will Writing Company

Making a will is an important step to take to ensure your wishes are carried out after you die. Having a valid will in place can also help minimise the amount of inheritance tax you’re liable for. There are many options for writing a will, from getting one written at a face-to-face appointment with a will writer to doing it yourself with DIY templates sold in stationery shops and online. Whichever option you choose, it’s essential that you take the time to do it properly to avoid disputes and delays in probate.

If you opt for a face-to-face will writer, there are plenty to choose from who can visit your home at a time and day that suits you. But it’s worth bearing in mind that these services aren’t regulated like solicitors, which means they won’t offer the same level of protection in case something goes wrong. Instead, look for a service that is member of a recognised trade body and has at least PS2million of professional indemnity cover.

Whether you go with a face-to-face will writer or an online will writing company, it’s worth comparing costs as these can vary significantly. You’ll often find cheaper prices online, but make sure you read the will writing company uk small print as some Will writing companies charge additional fees for things such as storage or drawing up a trust deed.

The majority of UK residents haven’t made a will, and those that do may not be doing it properly. This can leave your estate vulnerable to dispute, delay and extra costs. Rather than risk this, it’s better to choose a trusted will-writing service that can provide advice and guidance in all aspects of planning for the future.

Will-writing services can advise on a range of issues, including how to minimise the inheritance tax you’re liable for. They can also help you draw up a Will and explain the process of making one. They can also help you determine the value of your assets and how much inheritance tax is likely to be payable.

You can also get a Will-writing service to help you update it following big life events such as marriage, divorce or the birth of children. They can help you draft a codicil to amend an existing Will or write a completely new one if necessary.

For a simple and convenient way to write your Will, we recommend using an online will-writing service such as Farewill. Its step-by-step questionnaire can be completed online or with a support team over the phone in under 15 minutes and is checked by an expert before it’s finalised. The cost is PS99 (or PS149 for couples) and includes standard updates, as well as free shipping and 5 years of access to your Wills. We’ve also secured exclusive discounts for Age Space members. To find out more, click here.

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