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A Closer Look at Brother Vellies Shoes

Vellies shoes

Founded in 2007, Brother Vellies has a commitment to the environment. They work with local artisans in Africa to make their shoes. They provide training for artisans and pay them well. They also work with diverse workshops to ensure a safe and discrimination-free working environment. Because of their sustainable manufacturing process, they use minimal energy, reduce waste and promote sustainable employment. And they’re comfortable to wear. The result is a pair of shoes that’s both stylish and functional.

The name Vellies is a mashup of the Afrikaans word for skin. Originally Vel was a word used to describe leather. The Afrikaans word evolved into veld, which means “field.” Thus, traditional Veldskoen were born. These shoes are crafted in Namibia by eight local men. And they’re as beautiful as they are comfortable. The leather is sourced from sustainable sources, so they won’t scratch your feet.

The brand’s mission is to introduce the modern woman to traditional African footwear while creating jobs in Africa. The collection includes bags, sandals and slides, all of which are made by local artisans in Africa. Because they are handmade by local craftspeople, each pair maintains the spirit of their ancestral counterparts. Founder Aurora James travels to Africa to work with local artisans, learn about their culture and the history of these handmade shoes. The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Founded in 2008, Brother Vellies sells a wide variety of styles and materials. Many of the designs are inspired by traditional African shoes. The leather, for example, is made from sustainable kudu skin and springbok. The brand also uses denim and cork in their sandals, and their prices range from $200 to $400. However, this style is only available in special one-off orders. This limited edition shoe collection can also be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The brand’s name was originally derived from the Afrikaans word for skin. In that language, Vel refers to leather. In South Africa, this word was changed to veld, which means field. That is how the traditional Veldskoen came to be known as “vellies.” Its popularity has grown to include both African and Western-styled models. A popular pair of these shoes will not only be available at Nordstrom, but can be ordered online.

The original Veldskoen was made in South Africa. These are the original desert boot. They are made of 100% genuine leather and rest on a soft rubber sole. They go with most outfits and can be worn by both men and women. The leather footbed has a rich, luxurious feel. The sole is made of rubber and can be resoled. The shoe is available in three different solid colors: brown, black, and white.

The name “vellies” is a traditional African shoe with a modern feel. The brand was founded in 1963 in South Africa and now has eight employees, which includes the founder’s father. The name comes from the Afrikaans word “vel,” which means skin. However, it has also been used in other contexts, such as’veldskoen’. Unlike their counterparts, the veldskoen is a fashionable choice among fashionable men.

The company has been making shoes for over 30 years, and has expanded to over 50 countries. They’ve been selling for over 20 years and have been available in many retail stores since then. They’re popular with both men and women, and they’re available in three solid colors. Despite their high price, the company has been able to sustain its business by reducing its environmental impact. The name has become an iconic brand in South Africa.

The company’s name is a nod to traditional African footwear, with a contemporary flair. The shoes are handcrafted in a South African workshop. The name veld originally meant skin, but later changed to’veldskoen’. This modernized name translates to “field-toed” in Afrikaans. And the company has been growing ever since. They’ve been featured in countless magazines and have become an iconic part of the fashion world.

Brother Vellies shoes are made in an ethical manner. They’re made from vegetable-tanned leather and organic cotton, which is better for the environment than chemical dyes. And they’re not just for the outdoors. They’re also fashionable in urban environments. Despite the fact that they’re not available in most shops, they are an ideal choice for outdoor activities, especially for those who live in urban areas. It’s hard to find any pair of Vellies that doesn’t look like a knock-off.

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