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The Many Benefits of Fire Watch Guards on Construction Sites

Fire Watch Guards

What is Fire Watch Guards? Fire watch services are basically on-site protective operations done by specially designated guards. Such services usually consist of:

Perform daily patrols around the premises, at least 24 hours a day and all year around. This includes the monitoring of the main access points like emergency exits and other restricted areas. The patrol also checks for any suspicious activities, i.e. activity that is not consistent with normal business hours or goes way outside the premises.

Determine and report all fire hazards within the facility. This includes the locations of fire hazards such as gas leaks and combustible material. Trainee fire watch guards are assigned to monitor these issues. Upon detection, the patrol enters the area to assess the fire hazards. If required, they then report these issues to a designated fire control room. Other duties include calling for additional resources and reporting to the fire chief.

Provide physical resistance and safety to unauthorized personnel. This means that the guard is able to physically stop an attacker from entering restricted areas and securing specific areas within the facility. The potential fire hazards are usually noted and potential escape routes are identified. Based on these routes, the potential fire hazards are hindered so the guard is able to prevent a situation from escalating. At times, the potential escape routes to the emergency exits are blocked so the guard is able to assist in evacuating people and goods from the burning building.

The ultimate objective of the volunteer fire watch guards is to render first aid to casualties and suffering individuals until the arrival of the fire department. When the fire department arrives, they will take over management of the incident and conduct fire investigations. At times, they also conduct special training to enhance their firefighting skills. This training usually includes classroom exercises, practical demonstrations and real life fire emergencies.

Many communities have taken note of the benefits provided by fire watch services. The addition of these types of security officers can help reduce crime and injury related to fire hazards in and around public places. More importantly, having professional fire watch guards on duty enhances the safety of everyone within the vicinity.

In many cases, construction sites are the location where large numbers of people congregate. While working on a project, workers often forget to store items in a secured place. A spark from a minor electrical fire can cause much destruction and loss of life. Fire watch guards can help contain these hazards and protect the lives of others while waiting for the arrival of the fire department.

Fire watch services have also helped reduce injuries related to work. When employees know that they are being monitored by watchful security officers, they are more likely to stay on the job and perform their duties safely and properly. In addition to helping prevent accidents and injuries, fire safety alarms on-site can help alert the fire department of any incident within the vicinity of the alarm. These alarms are usually linked to an automatic call system and command central monitoring station, making them easy to activate and deactivate as needed.

Fire watch guards are a vital part of protecting life and property on construction sites throughout the nation. This is particularly true for oil and gas facilities, which are prone to electrical fires. It is especially important to have personnel trained in fire safety skills on construction sites around large trucks and other large machinery. By providing on-site fire safety training and guardians, construction companies are doing their part to prevent disasters in this dangerous business environment.

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