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How to Become a Video Producer in New York City

The video producer is a critical part of the creative process in any production studio. They help generate story ideas and take them from pitch to finished product. They may also be responsible for shooting and editing the content.

A career in the media industry as a video producer is a great opportunity for those who are passionate about storytelling and enjoy working with people. In this position, you’ll be able to help create engaging video content that will help tell your client’s stories and make them stand out from the competition.

If you’re a video producer with the right experience, you can expect to earn a salary of $106,865 in New York City. This is 8% higher than the average video producer salary in the United States.

There are several ways to become a video producer in New York City, and you can find a job with many different companies. Here are some things to consider when deciding on a company:

NYC-based video production agencies tend to focus on real, raw footage that reflects the harsh realities of living in a large city. This is a more authentic approach than many Hollywood productions and is ideal for businesses that want to capture a more honest and human feel to their videos.

Flow Production and Post is an award-winning video production agency that serves the needs of quality-focused companies from around the world. They use a unique blend of experienced in-house talent and a proprietary post-production pipeline to deliver results that are unsurpassed by other production companies.

A leading New York ad agency hired them to produce a commercial that rebranded the Rockettes. They used a multi-angle approach to create a short, six-minute video that established the Rockettes as an iconic New York institution and earned the agency a reputation for delivering high-quality work on time and within budget.

Martini Caruso Productions is a film production company located in Midtown Manhattan with more than 40 years of combined industry experience. They specialize in corporate, health services and feature films as well as still photography. They have a team of Emmy award-winning directors and cinematographers. They offer 10% off their video, film and audio services with the “Made in NY” card.

In addition to their film and television capabilities, Flow is also a full-service digital design agency. They create distinctive motion graphics, animations and broadcast graphics. They specialize in developing ad campaigns for clients that range from small, local businesses to global brands.

The team at NYC Video Pros specializes in the production of training, marketing, testimonial and event videos as well as commercials and films in New York. They’ve produced videos for Mount Sinai Hospital, W2O Group and the National Headache Foundation among others.

They produce content for multiple platforms including websites, social media and podcasts. They’re also an expert in producing music videos and corporate and business video.

A specialized content agency based in New York, Pluck produces clean commercials, branded content videos, and social media video campaigns. They have a strong emphasis on storytelling and are thoughtful about using motion graphics, animations, and visual effects to make their projects stand out. They also have a team of talented editors who are experienced in digital and traditional media. They’re also known for their ability to provide a personalized approach to each project. They’ve worked on commercials for the likes of Westside Rentals, Nova Jacket, and Mass Mutual.

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