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Using the Mailing List

What runs the Mailing List?

The mailing list is run using the [mailman] software. It is hosted on a server run by the wider community, not Kent Lug

Who do I talk to about problems with the list?
See the Contact us page for more information on contacting the website admins

How do I unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list, please /UnSubscribe for instructions.

E-mail clients

Why do some people's emails arrive as attachments, and could they stop doing it please?
They are using a cryptographic signature for their emails. The signature and the text of the email are separated by using PGP/MIME in the email. Most email clients will handle this more or less correctly, and display the text in-line, and either check the signature, or display it as an attachment. Outlook Express, and some webmail systems, do not display the email correctly. The authors of such emails are unlikely to respond well to requests not to sign their emails simply to make broken email clients \work\"


* Many people on the list dislike HTML email because of the unnecessary formatting it contains. Also, HTML email is likely to trigger the spam filter so it is really, really recommended that you
post in plain text. Please ask for help if you do not know how to make your e-mail client use plain text.
* If you are replying to a mail sent in HTML, don't include the HTML in the reply, just the plain text of the messsage.
* Set your mail client to wrap lines at less than 80 characters.
This helps people who use console based mail readers. And quite a lot of people do.
* Start a new e-mail topic by starting with a new e-mail. Don't hit reply to an existing post, then delete the contents and change the subject line to start a new topic. Doing so leaves hidden headers in your e-mail that will cause it to be threaded with the topic by people using threaded views in their mail client. This means that someone choosing not to read a particular thread may not read your e-mail, even though it's on a different topic. Your new topic can be lost in an existing thread like [this].
* Don't send attachments to the list. Either upload your file to a
web server or e-mail it to the individual in question off-list. Any post (with attachments or not) over 40k in size will be blocked by the mailman software and held for approval.
* Please try and keep any signature at the end of your e-mails to within a reasonable length. Only include pertinent information, don't make people read an essay at the end of every e-mail you send.
* Sending your question to a number of different mailing lists (cross-posting) is frowned upon. It wastes lots of people's time as lots of people reply to tell you the same thing as each other.
Cross-posting is usually only acceptable for announcement mails.
* The above advice on cross-posting also applies to sending the same question to a number of different mailing lists in separate e-mails. It still wastes people's time and it will get noticed.
* If you find that your questions aren't getting helpful answers, consider rephrasing them rather than just asking again, or asking on a different list.


* Try to help yourself - use your favourite search engine to see if you can resolve the issue first. Also, try reading about projects and
their history. This can help you avoid \trolling\"