Get Involved

You can interact with the KLUG in various ways:

Mailing list

You can sign up to the KLUG mailing list by entering your details in this page;


Various KLUG members hang out in our IRC channel at; #klug

You can click on the above link and it will start your irc client and log you in. If you don't have an IRC client installed we recomend Xchat or Konversation.

For more information on setting up an irc client Ubuntu Screencasts

If you don't have an IRC client you can also use a
broswer based one by clicking the link below, entering a username and clicking chat;

Browser Based Irc client

Klug TwitterĀ 

You can now join the kentlug twitter group.

Just sign into twitter and do a search for 'kentlug'

We are hoping the group will be usefull for co-ordinating meetings and any last minute changes.

Website admin

The webmasters of this site can be contacted via email at

danattwood at

nathan.friend at